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Industrial Pipe Marking Printer

The SafetyPro industrial pipe marking labeler allows you to customize all your important facility pipe labeling, on demand and for much less! Compare the price of custom, in-house labels made with a pipe marking labeler to more expensive catalog labels. You'll find the savings of the SafetyPro pipe marking labeler will allow you to create and place important labels where you would not normally have placed them before. This explosion of facility labeling makes your plant safer and more productive!

Need a 4" x 7" black on orange warning label? How about a 2" x 12" white on blue "Nitrogen" pipe marker? Our system allows you to select the script color and apply it to the appropriate vinyl to make vibrant peel and stick, indoor/outdoor, weather resistant labels. You have the control! You select the media colors. You design the label on your PC and let the DuraPrint Pro do the rest!

The SafetyPro comes complete with printer, cable kit, and LabelView industrial software with over 900 relevant safety symbols for only $999.00! Vinyl material is supplied in widths of 1", 2", 3" and 4". All 150' in length. Ribbons, your choice of color, are 984' long. A 4" x 7" label would literally cost you .61 cents to produce. A 2" x 12" would cost .77 cents. You can't buy customized vinyl catalog labels for less!
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